Intel Capital Invests $21 Million In Swedish Eye-Tracking Tech Company Tobii


Intel is betting big on the future of human interfaces with a $21 million (143 million kronor) investment in Tobii, a Swedish company that has been working for years on eye-tracking laptops and other devices. A 10% stake, it implies a valuation of around $200 million for the 12-year-old company. In 2007 Tobii raised $14M, then in 2009 another $26.8M, and the $21M from Intel Capital continues that trend of steady R&D funding.

The news, announced by co-founder and VP John Elvesjö and reported by Computer Sweden, comes on the heels of Tobii’s newest eye-tracking device, which was announced a week ago at CeBit. The timing probably isn’t a coincidence.

Elvesjö noted that their plan was always to test at small scale in laptops and then expand into larger markets: cars, for instance, or perhaps mobile phones.

Intel is a leader in desktop computing and servers, but it…

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About Babak Goudarzi Pour
Babak is co-founder and CEO of Optimum Biometric Labs (OBL) since its inception in 2003. Babak has served as the Chairman of the Swedish National Biometric Association, SNBA, since its inception in 2004. He also works as Swedish technical expert in the international standardization work ISO/IEC/JTC 1/SC 37. Babak holds a M.Sc. and B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering with emphasis on Signal Processing and Telecommunications from Blekinge Institute of Technology.

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