I think this multi-factor authentication method can successfully combine security (in different degrees) with user-friendliness thanks to the flexibility and adjustability of the method: identifying objects/persons in one or more images (read: security, multi-factor authentication) with the choice of one (of several) user-input methods (read: user-friendliness) where one of these input methods (e.g. voice recognition) even can increase both convenience and security (addition of 1 more authentication factor). A pretty useful combination of: something you know, something you have, something you are.


Apple had a new patent application published by the USPTO today, describing an unlocking method for digital devices that uses image identification to properly recognize an authorized user. The system would present a user with photographs from their iPhoto or iCloud collections, and then ask them to identify who or what the subject is in order to unlock the device. The item in question could also be an object or series of images.

The authentication process would work by displaying at least one image to be identified from the user’s library, though it could also display a number in succession if users are looking for more security. It’s highly likely that someone close to you will recognize another individual depicted in photos on your phone, for instance, but if you’re worried about granting access even to that inner circle of acquaintances, it becomes increasingly unlikely they’ll be able to…

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About Babak Goudarzi Pour
Babak is co-founder and CEO of Optimum Biometric Labs (OBL) since its inception in 2003. Babak has served as the Chairman of the Swedish National Biometric Association, SNBA, since its inception in 2004. He also works as Swedish technical expert in the international standardization work ISO/IEC/JTC 1/SC 37. Babak holds a M.Sc. and B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering with emphasis on Signal Processing and Telecommunications from Blekinge Institute of Technology.

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