On trends and recent Swedish biometrics successes: Fingerprint Cards and Precise Biometrics

Fingerprint Cards and Precise Biometrics

I have followed the Biometrics news on daily basis and this is my summary for you: It’s, almost, all about mobile…and I think, in a not distant future, add to that the upcoming wearables too.

You can sense it in the air: the growing interest for utilizing biometrics in mobile devices and diverse mobile applications (for my company, its positive side-effect has been an increasing interest and special requests for remote biometric-device management).

I have, in particular, followed recent successes from two Swedish companies: Fingerprint Cards and Precise Biometrics.

When I read the news about Fingerprint Cards licensing Precise Biometrics algorithms I found Johan Carlström’s, CEO of Fingerprint Cards, message to be a realistic and clear-cut summary:

“Driven by the largest mobile manufacturers in the world, several hundred million users are, in the next two years, expected to purchase smartphones and tablets with built-in fingerprint sensors. It is of paramount importance to ensure these users a smooth, convenient, and secure user experience, thus the selection of Precise Biometrics as partner in algorithms.”

This strategic partnership feels very natural and makes a dream-team. It also makes me glad, as the Chairman, that these two Swedish pioneers finally find a solid common ground (a multi-billion dollar market) for teaming-up.

Where are these two companies go from here, one could ask?

I think they will create even more success stories now together (and later maybe M&A with large IT players, I speculate, in order to expand the reach towards delivering in more massive scales).

I am certain of one thing: they both produce high-end biometric products with full potential to make a sizable impact in the mass adoption and popularization of biometric technologies and services. If this ever happen, then you know they created a major milestone; a paradigm shift of increased acceptance towards using biometric technologies. And, I think that’s the first signature that indicates ‘The Golden Years of Biometrics’.

Babak Goudarzipour
Swedish National Biometric Association (SNBA)

Fingerprint Cards
Precise Biometrics

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