An EAB event: Benefits of Biometrics in Banking – Reality Check 2014

EAB-Logo_rgbEuropean Association for Biometrics (EAB) is organizing for the financial sector on 21 May 2014 in Berlin, Germany:
Benefits of Biometrics in Banking – Reality Check 2014

This event will familiarize you with biometric applications helping you to optimize the following key aspects of banking process:
– Customer Interaction
– Operational Efficiency
– Fraud Prevention

We will reflect the many new opportunities arising from the gradual shift away from desktop/notebook computing on smartphones and tablets and share best practice of apps and web-based applications.
– Hear about Biometrics solutions for in-branch and mobile usage for internal and customer-facing usage
– Learn how Biometrics support mega trends such as personalization, …
– Identify how you can embed Biometrics into your processes
– Discuss the impact of Biometrics for the mobile payment world.

The one day workshop will reflect the opportunities of biometrics in the financial market. We will discuss, how processes can be designed both biometrically protected and privacy compliant. The speakers are members of the European Association for Biometrics (EAB) and intend to provide you with their experience how to take best benefit of biometric techniques.

Please find the detailled agenda of the event on:

Attendees are requested to register their participation by using this form:

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