Swedish biometrics technology skyrocketing (update #2)


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Let me summarize what is happening: the Swedish biometrics technology will soon be onboard on millions of smartphones.

I have been observing and waiting for years to write about this. I think I can finally do that. I have always thought about the Swedish biometrics firms as the Volvo’s, Electrolux, and Ericsson’s of the biometrics world: with innovation, timeless style, and razor sharp precision and quality in mind.

In 2010, Polar Rose, a Malmö Sweden-based company, was acquired by Apple. Millions of iPhones and Macs probably use their high-performance algorithms for face detection and tagging.

Fingerprint Cards, a pioneering and leading firm in the biometrics market, has always been headquartered in Volvo’s hometown, the happy and beautiful Gothenburg. The past few months have been truly bingo for Fingerprint Cards. And unlike bingo, it does not seem to be luck or random wins. It seems to be a solid result of years of R&D and good sales planning. When biometrics for mobile ID became relevant and grew, the company was positioned as one of the best in the market.

In fact so good that Fingerprint Cards recently received three straight and escalating orders; see BiometricUpdate’s posts here, here and here as well as Mobile ID World’s reflection here. As a Gothenburger, it is wonderful to see this trend taking place. It looks very promising for the Swedish biometrics.

(Update: Only 42 days after this post was originated, Fingerprint Cards (FPC) landed four more touch fingerprint sensor orders of 90 MSEK, 110 MSEK235 MSEK, and 230 MSEK (a staggering 665 MSEK total value under less than two months). This is sensational and confirms the company’s excellent market positioning and leading technology. FPC’s revenue guidance for 2015 is updated to exceed 1,500 MSEK.)

(Update #2: Today, January 4, 2016, Peter O’Neill, President of FindBiometrics, shared this interesting piece via LinkedIn: FPC’s was 2015’s Best-Performing Stock in Europe)

Babak Goudarzipour
CEO, Optimum Biometric Labs
Chairman, Swedish National Biometrics Association

Image credit:
Fingerprint Sensor FPC1011F by Fingerprint Cards (FPC)
Source: Biometric Products

Poseidon statue in Göteborg


About Babak Goudarzi Pour
Babak is co-founder and CEO of Optimum Biometric Labs (OBL) since its inception in 2003. Babak has served as the Chairman of the Swedish National Biometric Association, SNBA, since its inception in 2004. He also works as Swedish technical expert in the international standardization work ISO/IEC/JTC 1/SC 37. Babak holds a M.Sc. and B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering with emphasis on Signal Processing and Telecommunications from Blekinge Institute of Technology.

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