Chairman, Babak Goudarzi Pour

CEO, Optimum Biometric Labs

Babak has served as the Chairman of the Swedish National Biometric Association, SNBA, since its inception in 2004. He also works as Swedish technical expert in the international standardization work ISO/IEC/JTC 1/SC 37 and its expert groups WG2 and WG5 with specialization on Biometric-technical interface and Biometric-testing and reporting. He has frequently chairing industry panels in Bussels coordinated by the European Commission/Joint Research Center (JRC) and European Biometric Forum (EBF). Babak’s breakthrough started in 2003 when he was invited to guest lecture at the Biometrics Identification seminar held by Dr. James L Wayman at the UCLA. He presented his multiple-award-winning work “Facial Recognition Biometrics, applying new concepts in performance improvement and quality assessment” for representatives of FBI, DoD and DHS. Babak holds a M.Sc. and B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering with emphasis on Signal Processing and Telecommunications from Blekinge Institute of Technology.

Robert Rydell, Vice Chairman

Business Development Director at Lgica

Rob has extensive experience in business development as well as process and product development, project management and change management. He has 18 years experience in consultancy work. During the past 3 years he has worked extensively with biometric and general business development in the Nordic region. Prior to that Rob focused on project portfolio management solutions, product development and project management. His combined knowledge of technical and commercial aspects from a management perspective allows him to give strategic advice on how to achieve business objectives while ensuring that IT and business work most effectively together.


Vice President Business Development – Precise Biometrics

Jonas Anderson, Vice President of Business Development at Precise Biometrics, has 10 years of experience from the smart card industry. Among his positions in the area are New Business Development Manager and later Business Segment Director at Schlumberger Cards. Since 2002, Mr. Andersson has headed Precise Biometrics’ Match‐on‐Card initiatives for National ID Card programs and strategic partnerships with the major smart card companies and system integrators worldwide. Among the accomplishments are the wins of Thailand National ID Card, the world’s largest Match‐on‐Card based smart ID card program, as well as Qatar and Portugal National ID card programs, and others still under NDA. Jonas Andersson, born 1957, is a Swedish national, who has lived, studied and worked extensively abroad, and holds a Master of Science degree in Computer Science.


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