On trends and recent Swedish biometrics successes: Fingerprint Cards and Precise Biometrics

Fingerprint Cards and Precise Biometrics

I have followed the Biometrics news on daily basis and this is my summary for you: It’s, almost, all about mobile…and I think, in a not distant future, add to that the upcoming wearables too.

You can sense it in the air: the growing interest for utilizing biometrics in mobile devices and diverse mobile applications (for my company, its positive side-effect has been an increasing interest and special requests for remote biometric-device management).

I have, in particular, followed recent successes from two Swedish companies: Fingerprint Cards and Precise Biometrics.

When I read the news about Fingerprint Cards licensing Precise Biometrics algorithms I found Johan Carlström’s, CEO of Fingerprint Cards, message to be a realistic and clear-cut summary:

“Driven by the largest mobile manufacturers in the world, several hundred million users are, in the next two years, expected to purchase smartphones and tablets with built-in fingerprint sensors. It is of paramount importance to ensure these users a smooth, convenient, and secure user experience, thus the selection of Precise Biometrics as partner in algorithms.”

This strategic partnership feels very natural and makes a dream-team. It also makes me glad, as the Chairman, that these two Swedish pioneers finally find a solid common ground (a multi-billion dollar market) for teaming-up.

Where are these two companies go from here, one could ask?

I think they will create even more success stories now together (and later maybe M&A with large IT players, I speculate, in order to expand the reach towards delivering in more massive scales).

I am certain of one thing: they both produce high-end biometric products with full potential to make a sizable impact in the mass adoption and popularization of biometric technologies and services. If this ever happen, then you know they created a major milestone; a paradigm shift of increased acceptance towards using biometric technologies. And, I think that’s the first signature that indicates ‘The Golden Years of Biometrics’.

Babak Goudarzipour
Swedish National Biometric Association (SNBA)

Fingerprint Cards
Precise Biometrics


How will human-identification look like year 2025 and 2050? (all degrees of freedom allowed, see guidelines)

How will human-identification look like year 2025 and 2050? (all degrees of freedom allowed, see guidelines)

If you like, please comment on/include any/all aspects of identification: technology/infrastructure/issuance/registration/counterforces/etc.

If you like, please comment/include with regard to any application type you like: from border control to adjusting driver-seat profile

Please don’t just write which biometric type will dominate/win. Comment on/include methods of identification, i.e. all competitive/complimentary technologies like RFID, etc.

Very exciting product, I am curious if its founders have thought about adding any biometric modality (as an additional factor)?

I think this multi-factor authentication method can successfully combine security (in different degrees) with user-friendliness thanks to the flexibility and adjustability of the method: identifying objects/persons in one or more images (read: security, multi-factor authentication) with the choice of one (of several) user-input methods (read: user-friendliness) where one of these input methods (e.g. voice recognition) even can increase both convenience and security (addition of 1 more authentication factor). A pretty useful combination of: something you know, something you have, something you are.

Premier: Biometrics Istanbul conference, Novmeber 19th, 2012

Today, I received this email from Biometrics Istanbul conference:


Istanbul Biometrics Summit, an opportunity for sharing comprehensive information on “Biometric
Solutions” that draws attention for many sectors, will be held in Istanbul Marriott Asia Hotel for
the first time on Novmeber 19th, 2012. The organisation, aiming to present new technologies
on biometrics with the participation of top-level speakers, will also be hosting an exhibiton on
biometrics technologies.


You can join our linked in group to have feedback about the conference.


Please let us know if you are interested in attending the event,

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Premiere – read Detektor International online for free!

I just received this email from Henrik Söderlund, Editor-in-Chief, AR Media International AB:

From today, Europe’s leading security technology trade magazine – Detektor International – will be distributed digitally to 37,000 readers. Please click on the thumbnail to the right to read the brand new issue of Detektor International No. 3 online.
I hope you will enjoy it.

Best regards,
Henrik Söderlund, Editor-in-Chief

Read your digital copy of Detektor International here >>



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