One of the missions of Swedish National Biometric Association is to work towards the arrival and usage of international standards, see SNBA mission statement.

Status on the ISO / IEC JTC1 / SC 37 – Biometrics standards
SNBA and its co-founding member Optimum Biometric Labs initiated and organized a list of the published and under-development standards of the International Standardization Organization (ISO) subcommittee ISO/IEC JTC1/SC 37 Biometrics. The list intends to update the status and progress on:

  • Published standards
  • Published technical reports (TRs)
  • Standards under development

Here is the list: ISO / SC37 Biometrics standards – SIS / TK448

The list is organized according the following model to give a holistic and a bird’s-eye view of SC 37 standards:

  • Metrics on published and under-development standards and technical reports
  • All standards/technical reports (TRs) are structured based on their corresponding working groups (WGs)
  • Each WG is divided in, where available, groups of its corresponding standards/technical reports (TRs)
  • Each standard/technical report consists of its name and status

This list was compiled is in order to assist and engage the members of Swedish Standards Institute working group SIS / TK 448 and Swedish National Biometric Association and other interested stakeholder, communities, and users.

Please note: we do our best to keep the list up-to-date, however, the list may often lag behind sources such as ISO/SC37 itself and other national standardization bodies (NPs); thus for maximum accuracy and completeness and absolut latest updates we recommend to check the JTC 1 SC 37 page or ask your NB such as Swedish Standards Institute.


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