Steria acquires SNBA member Innitor Biosystems AB

Steria acquires SNBA member the Swedish biometric company Innitor Biosystems AB based in Hultsfred, Sweden.

New AFIS technology available from Steria


Steria has aquired the biometric company Innitor Biosystems AB from Hultsfred, Sweden.

Steria will strengthen its position in the biometric market by beeing able to deliver complete solutions from biometric booking and capture solutions to high speed central AFIS solutions.

Innitor Biosystems has patented technology for performing high speed matching with the use of standard server hardware. This will enable Steria to offer a new generation of AFIS to a competetive price.

The aqusition was finalized July 1st. 2011

Source: Steria Biometrics
Via:  LinkedIn group: Biometrics Network and Forum


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